Privacy policy

Privacy policy

It of personal information.. tries under the following policies to recognize the obligation that proper protection of individual information is important ..Almine Co.,Ltd. (henceforth our company).., and to fulfill this obligation.

1.Management of individual information

Our company appoints the management representative of customer's individual information, and manages appropriately according to regulations concerning our protection of individual information.

2.Purpose of use and range of collection

I will clearly inform of the purpose of use etc. beforehand when individual information on the name, the address, the telephone number, and E-mail Address, etc.
is offered from the customer for our company, and collect customer's individual information within the appropriate range.

3.Use of individual information

The customer will use customer's individual information for our company only within the agreed target range.

4.Prohibition of offer and indication to third party 

Our company offers and never discloses individual information to the third party as long as there is no agreement of the customer.
However, it is not that when corresponding to the following cases. 

・When there is a request from the official body such as the courts and the police based on the law
・To the law when special regulations might ruin it is, customer, and third party's life, body, and properties, and the person in question's agreement cannot be obtained
・When it protects or it is necessary to defend our right, property or service from the action in contradiction to law and our agreement for use and notes, and the person in question's agreement cannot be obtained

5.Securing and improvement of information security

Our company tries to secure and to improve the information security continuously to prevent customer's individual information leaking, losing, and being falsified. 

6.Correspondence to indication and correction, etc. of individual information

Our company will respond within a reasonable period and the range after being going being to confirm the offered customer is a person in question when disclosing and the correction, etc. of own individual information are hoped to the customer.