About aluminum

Appellation of aluminium
drawing wire

1 Material symbol

Aluminium and aluminium alloys are indicated by A

2 Alloy symbol

The sign shows the kind of aluminium alloy for drawing wire of JIS and given a four- digit number on the basis of AA (U.S America Association)'s signs, each digit indicates one defined meaning by the following.

Fisrt figure (1000 series)

Classified 1~9 according to the major additive of element.

  1. 1×××:Pure aluminium
  2. 2×××:AL-Cu alloy
  3. 3×××:AL-Mn alloy
  4. 4×××:AL-Si alloy
  5. 5×××:AL-Mg alloy
  6. 6×××:AL-Mg-Si alloy
  7. 7×××:AL-Zn-Mg alloy
  8. 8×××:Other alloy systems
  9. 9×××:Preparatory

Second figure (100 series)

Indicated by number of 0~9, it also indicates 0 and 1~9 which is basic , improved and derived alloy. In limit of pure aluminium, 0 indicates the none-special particularities of impurities, but number of 1~9 indicates each kind of other limit particularities of impurities. Indicated by N instead of number for Japanese's unique alloys or alloys not belonged to standard of AA.

Third 3・4 figure (number of 1~99)

Purity of pure aluminium is indicated by 2 figures after the decimal fractions. Indicated by the figures of old ALCOA alloy standard . Unique alloy of Japan is indicated with the number of 1~9 in order of alloy systems establishment.

3 Shape and classification symbol

Shape symbol

Sheet, Shape, Tube Symbol.

Classification symbol

According to the size of permissible range, the same kinds of tube, wire rod, wire, conductor are divided into 2 general special levels. Special level is indicated by S only.

Shape symbol



  1. P



  2. PC



  3. H



  4. BE



  5. BD



  6. W



  7. TE



  8. TD



  9. TW



  10. S



  11. FD



  12. FH



  13. PB



  14. SB



  15. TB



4 Temper symbol

Classify kinds of temper (according to high cold processing and heat treatment, strength and formation of drawing wire can get the prescribed performance) by the following of JIS.

Temper symbol


  1. F
    Non-processed product

    Indicates non-setted temper of manufactured condition.(do not indicate the mechanical performance)

  2. H112(R)
    Heat treatment worked product

    Guaranteed by mechanical performance without hardening processing.

  3. O

    Annealed to get the softest condition.

  4. H
    Hard worked product

    Hard worked in high cold processing.

  5. H1×
    Only hard worked product

    Temper is controlled in high cold processing.

  6. H2×
    Worked softening heat treatment after hardening processing.

    Temper is controlled due to annealing until H level after high cold processing.

  7. H3×
    Processed by stabilization treatment after hardening processing.

    Worked by stabilization treatment from low temperature addition.

  8. T2
    Cooled from hot working, cold-worked and naturally aged.

    Cooled from the high temperature manufacturing process like ext ruded material and naturally aged unitil stable condition.

  9. T3
    Cooled after solution treatment (quenching), and naturally aged.

    Cooled, naturally aged until stable condition (to get strength, flat level, size accuracy) after solution treatment.

  10. T4
    Naturally aged after solution treatment.

    Without high cold processing and naturally aged until stable condition after solution treatment.

  11. T5
    Artificially aged (tempering) after cold worked from high heat processing.

    Without high cold processing from the high temperature manufact uring process like extruded material and be artificially aged.

  12. T6
    Artificially aged after solution treatment.

    Without high cold processing, artificially aged after solution treatment.

  13. T7
    Stabilized after solution treatment.

    Carried out overaging processing in order to adjust special character like strain corrosion cracking improvement after solution treatment.

  14. T8
    Cold worked and artificially aged after solution treatment.

    Cooled to make strength increase and artificially aged after solution treatment.

  15. T9
    Artificially aged and cold worked after solution treatment.

    Cooled to be artificially aged and strength increased after solution treatment.

Notice: X in the table is indicated by numbers, such as 2,4,6 and 8, also the level of hardening processing. In other words, 8 is hard material and 4 indicates 0 and hard material in the middle (1/2 hardening) of hardening processing condition. 2, 6 indicate 0 and 1/2 hardness also 1/2 hardness in the middle of hardening processing condition respectively.

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