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ALMINE products must be the ultimate in quality.
When thinking about how to make even better products, we realized that quality depends on the strictness of the inspection. That is why our quality control department keeps a close eye not only on the materials during the production process but on the finished products as well. We also realized the importance of the combined efforts of all employees. We therefore strongly promoted quality control activities with the aim of keeping quality high and always striving to raise it higher.
ALMINE products are recognized as being among the best in the world because they are shipped only after passing a strict screening process conducted by our employees and detectors built in to the production line by the quality control department.

Metallurgical optical-microscope
Conductivity meter
Metallurgical stereo-microscope
Coarseness gauge
Erichsen deep-draw universal sheet tester
Automatic Ultrasonic flaw detector
High-frequency plasma quantometer
Fully automatic eddy current flaw detector
Automatic Rockwell hardness tester
Automatic metal surface grinder
Laser micrometer
High-speed ascending electric furnace (Test furnace)


Electron microanalyzer (EPMA)▲

Digital microscope▲

Automatic quantometer ▲

Fully automatic tensile tester▲

Automatic Micro-Vickers hardness tester▲
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ISO 9001(2015) Certification