アルミの未来を、ひらく 株式会社アルミネ ホームへ戻る
Q1.What affiliate do it become?
A1.There is no affiliate of our company.
Q2.Are there nests continuous casting method,and in?
A2. It is continuous casting rolling method, and not a casting material. An internal organization is a rolling texture, and there are neither a cast structure nor a nest seen in the casting.
Q3.What is the difference with the this industry other companies?
A3.The quality is very steady, and it has cost competitiveness because it manufactures it from the continuous casting rolling.
Moreover, the processing is good, and there is not a remaining stress because it does
the processing of the organization of making to minuteness either.
Moreover, the system of the direct sale is taken though it is a material manufacturer, and it manages with the spec of each client.
Q4.Are the pipe and the type material done?
A4.The trading company function is, and can correspond to Almine though doesn't
manufacture by itself, too.
Q5.Is a small amount of short delivery response possible?
A5.It is possible to correspond.
Q6.Could you ..finished goods.. correspond?
A6.It is possible to correspond about finished goods. It is possible to correspond
by the introduction of our customer etc.
Q7.Is it possible for the delivery to the overseas factory?
A7.It is possible to correspond. There is an export sector.
Q8.Can you sell it directly for Mr. manufacturer though are a small company?
A8.Our company also has a common idea as a thing making company. It is a company's policy and .. importance like a small company.. motto ..letting go...
Q9.What kind of company is it though it is an aluminum manufacturer that doesn't
hear it so much? Results?
A9.It is adopted even for the car body etc. for the domestic share 80% and the aluminum boards for the aluminum line, and it delivers it to all the industries.
Q10.In how many every kg is there a welding part in the aluminum line?
A10.There is no welding part because it manufactures the mother material from the
continuous casting rolling at all.