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▲Wire rod(2t/coil)


▲Coil style

▲Coil style

▲Carrier style

▲Bobbin style


▲Sheet coil

▲Fiber drum making wire




ALMINE 's product development policy is to challenge the unknown.
Instead of getting weighed down by theory, we looked directly at the problem and recognized the need for technology that balances quality and cost.
We then focused our attention on studying the continuous cast rolling method in greater depth.
We also realized that we need not limit our thinking to aluminium alone, but should seek answers outside that framework.
Therefore, we established the Management Building and Research Section within our Osaka Plant to search for new materials that would meet the needs of the times. ALMINE's product development program, which is one of the best in the world, is already advancing into uncharted territory.

It succeeds in making of the crystal grain of the metallographic structure super-minute.
Almine succeeds in making the crystal grain of the metallographic structure super-minute in the continuous casting rolling method of the research and the company's in-house development.
The inside of a metallic organization is the segregation, and is also steady by a material that is more uniform than any process of manufacture of the other companies.
There is neither stress crack nor a stress distortion, too. It cuts, forges, and is preeminent.
As for the performance of the aluminum product, the uniformity of the metallographic structure is the most important.
The crack and bending occur if the remaining stress remains in a metallic organization where do the segregation of the alloy element,and it processes it, and it is likely to make trouble due to the secular distortion at times.
The material it is continuous and without a uniform organization and the segregation is made by the research and development in Almine.

Hi-Si Al alloy
Aluminium high-silicon materials, previously available only as bars, are now offered in coils.
Max. 2 MT/coil

FK35 Al-Fe alloy
Features far better elongation and processing capability than conventional pure aluminium.